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Political System

Arabs were the first who visited the islands, but the first settlement was established by the French in 1770, on St. Anne Island. The French have ruled Seychelles for 40 years. Then, during several years Seychelles several times passed from the French to the British, and back. In 1814 the Treaty of Paris incorporated both Seychelles and Mauritius as part of the British Empire.

In 1903 Seychelles formally got the status of a separate British Crown Colony. The islands attained independence from Great Britain in 1976. In 1992 Seychelles became a true democracy, in 1993 a new Constitution was adopted after having been improved through a national referendum.

Currently Seychelles are divided into 25 political districts, each of them has a seat at the National Assembly. The Head of State is the President and a National Assembly of directly elected Members heads the legislative side of Government. Seychelles is an independent republic within the British Commonwealth.


Seychelles is successfully managing its economic and social development. It is the only African country that falls within the High Human Development Index category. Seychelles has a 91% literacy rate, GDP per capita of over USD 17,000 and life expectancy of 72,6 years.

Seychelles derives the largest part of its income from tourism and fisheries. About 60% of Seychelles population is employed in the private sector of economy. The export of fisheries products makes about 10% of total foreign exchange earnings. Also, Seychelles is among the most beautiful and exclusive holiday destinations in the world. Therefore, a holiday in Seychelles may be somewhat expensive.

The Seychelles International Trade Zone (SITZ) is an increasingly important part of the Seychelles economy. It includes companies working in the light manufacturing, processing and re-distribution, light assembly, internet order processing, management service operations and other technology oriented businesses. The increasing number of international banks and insurance companies have established either branches or subsidiaries which provide clients with support.

The Seychelles International Airport is one of the finest in the Indian Ocean region. In addition to the national flag carrier, Air Seychelles, the airport is served by a number of other airlines. The Port of Victoria is well equipped with modern cargo handling equipment.

Double Taxation Agreements

The Seychelles has Double Tax Agreements in force with China, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Malaysia and Zimbabwe. Negotiations are said to have been concluded with Russia, Botswana, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Egypt. Discussions are underway with Tunisia, Cyprus, Mauritius and the Czech Republic. The Government sees such treaties as being an important part of its scheme to develop as a financial centre in the Indian Ocean, and is actively negotiating more treaties with a number of its trading partners.