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Seychelles to Join COMESA Free Trade Area
August, 2000

In an attempt to keep pace with globalization, Seychelles is thinking about joining the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa's (COMESA) free trade zone. COMESA´s free trade agreement calls for the abolition of all customs duties on products between COMESA member states. Mauritian Foreign Affairs Minister, Anil Gayan, says that by subscribing to the COMESA free trade pact, Seychelles would be in a better position to compete in the global market, especially now that the World Trade Organization is promoting complete trade liberalization world-wide.

Membership in COMESA's Free Trade Area is also seen as a catalyst in the development of COMESA bound transshipment and light manufacturing activity in the Seychelles International Trade Zone, especially with the imminent development of a modern container port on newly reclaimed land in Victoria harbor. The Seychelles International Trade Zone, which started in 1995, currently accounts for a total of US$150 Million, which amounts to 22% of exports.

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