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Seychelles-UAE sign DTA
September, 2006

The Seychelles and the United Arabs Emirates have signed a bilateral Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTA). It was signed on the 19th of September in Singapore by Danny Faure, Seychelles Minister for Finance, and Dr Mohammed Khalfan Bin Khirbash, UAE Minister for State Finance and Industry.

It is expected that the agreement will make the existing economic relationship between the Seychelles and the UAE even stronger. Also, the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement provides new opportunities in increasing employment, investment and trade.

As to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with other countries, the Seychelles already has DTAs in force with Belgium, China, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Also, the Seychelles authorities are working on discussing agreements with other trading partners.

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