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Seychelles economy improves
November, 2006

Year 2005 that was quite hard for the Seychelles, but in 2006 it has been experiencing an essential economic growth of 4.5% year. The economic outlook of the Seychelles situation was presented in the form of concluding statements by the International Monetary Fund mission after its 2-week visit on November 8-21, 2006.

The economic recovery in the Seychelles could be explained by a successfully growing tourism industry as well as reforms of the previous years. In accordance with the IMF, the economic situation in the country is improving, and strong tourism arrivals and construction activity are driving this recovery.

However, it should be noted that the IMF does not consider the recent reforms to be enough to secure long-term growth. Therefore, the Fund suggests implementing further structural reforms related to employment, further privatisation, infrastructure and price controls.

The International Monetary Fund states that record inflows of FDI in the Seychelles signify renewed confidence in the country's economy.

To conclude, the Seychelles has something to be proud of as it is one of the strongest economies in Africa, and this is still going on.

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