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 Type of company  Non-resident
 International Business
 Time to incorporate  2 days  2 hours
 Taxation on offshore
 None  None
 Disclosure of beneficial
 owner to government
 No  No
 Standard minimum
 paid up capital
 US$ 1  US$ 1
 Standard authorised
 share capital
 US$ 10.000  US$ 50.000
 Permitted currencies of
 Any  Any
 Minimum annual
 franchise tax or licence
 US$ 150  US$ 100
 Shareholders  Minimum of one,
 corporate or individual
 Minimum of one,
 corporate or individual
 Share format  Bearer, Registered,
 Non-voting, Preferred
 Registered, Bearer
 Directors  Minimum of three,
corporate or individual,  no residency requirements
 Minimum of one, corporate or individual, no residency requirements
 Public record of
 Yes  No
 Secretary  Yes  No
 Registered office  Yes  Yes
 Registered agent  Yes  Yes
 Location of meeting of
 Anywhere  Anywhere
 Requirement to file
 No  No
 Annual return  No  No
 Change of domicile
 Yes  Yes
 Availability of 
 information on Public
 Deed of Incorporation
 Registered Agent
 Memorandum of 
 Articles of Association
 Registered Office
 Registered Agent
 Double tax treaties  None  None

Besides Panama and Seychelles there are several other offshore jurisdictions with excellent price/value ratio. The British Virgin Islands would be the first on the list.

BVI offshore companies (IBC's) until the end of 2005 have been incorporated under the International Business Companies Ordinance 1984 (as amended). Current BVI Business Company registration is based on BVI Business Companies Act (2005), allowing BVI IBC to stay a company incorporated in low profile jurisdiction avoiding international scandals and at the same time retaining all those advantages the classical BVI offshore company has been providing for many years.

The most important features of BVI offshore company (IBC) are as follows:

Tax exemption

A BVI Business Company is exempt from the BVI income tax, interest, dividends, rents, royalties and other amounts paid by a company. No estate, inheritance, succession or gift tax is payable with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of a BVI offshore company (IBC).


Confidentiality could be named the cornerstone of the BVI offshore company (IBC) concept. Information on the company beneficial owners, directors and shareholders is not part of public record. Registered Agent keeps Register of Members, Directors and all Minutes and Resolutions of the Company in complete confidentiality. The only public document is the Memorandum and Articles of Association, but regular M&A do not contain information on shareholders, directors or the beneficial owners of the BVI company.

Clear and simple structure

Only one beneficiary, one director, and one shareholder is required for BVI offshore company. Even more - all of them can be the same person, notwithstanding it is individual or corporation. There is no requirement for an annual meeting and shareholder's or director's meetings need not be held in the BVI. Meetings by telephone or other electronic means are allowed.

When incorporating a BVI offshore IBC, one should be prepared for higher incorporation expenses than in Panama or Seychelles as far as both government fees and registered agent fees in BVI are higher. For example the official registration fee to the Government for BVI IBC with standard authorized capital is USD 350 while in Seychelles it makes only USD 100.

Anyway, British Virgin Islands is the most popular jurisdiction for offshore company registration. More than 50 thousand companies were registered there last year and now their total number is close to 70 thousands.

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