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The package is all inclusive and contains all documents necessary for you to start conducting business through an International Business Company in Seychelles. You can have your office anywhere in the world and trade with the rest of world with the exception of Seychelles only.

A. Company formation or purchase:

Formation fee:US$590.00

includes the organization of a company with our standard M&A and a standard authorized capital of US$100,000 or less; up to 3 share certificates and the share register

Acquisition fee:US$590.00

purchase of a "shelf company" within calendar year of incorporation (includes standard M&A and a standard authorized capital of US$100,000 or less; up to 3 share certificates and the share register

B. Redomiciliation in the Republic of Seychelles:

Redomiciliationof companies incorporated in other countriesUS $600.00
Plus registration fee.

Any out of pocket expenses to be incurred are additional to the fees mentioned in paragraphs A. and B. above.

C. Annual fees (fixed)

Annual registered agent/office fee (included in formation fee):US $375.00
Annual license fee:

Capital not exceeding US$100,000US $100.00 Capital exceeding US$100,000US $1000.00 shares have no par valueUS $350.00

Seychelles IBC's must pay their annual license fee within 90 days following the incorporation anniversary

Surcharges for late payment:

a) 10% of the annual license fee if it is paid within 90 days following the incorporation anniversary;

b) 50% of the annual license fee if it is paid 90 days after the incorporation anniversary;

c) Companies are struck off the Register on 31st December of the year in which the 50% surcharge is applied;

D. Other Annual Fees and Optional Services
Provision of Nominee Directors and/or Officers US $250.00 per year
Provision of Nominee Shareholder US $200.00 per year
Use of post office box and mail forwarding service plus courier and handling costs US $275.00 per year
E. Other fees
Searches at the Company Registry:
Without a Company Registry certificate US $100.00
With a Company Registry certificate US $125.00
Certificate of Goodstanding US $160.00
Certification by Notary or Registrar US $100.00
Certification (standard) by Registered Agent US $90.00
Notarization and Legalization by apostille US $170.00
Minutes of a Meeting of Directors or Members (not registered at the Companies Registry) US $175.00
Amendment to Memorandum and Articles of Association US $250.00
Power of Attorney (with authentication of signature by a notary and apostille): US $200.00
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